Meeting Actions & Outcomes

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Meeting Actions & Outcomes

Post by Admin on Thu May 19, 2016 9:40 am

Meeting held on 4th April 2016


  • Date for the Networking Meeting confirmed as 7th June, 7.30 PM at Olivers
    Relaunch of the Centre Friday 30th September
    Shout out to the mailing list people to go out 1st week of September - Action Sarah
    Next meeting Thursday 19th May at 7.30 in Olivers

Copthorne Carnival


  • Graham to check with Graham Cassela re pitch size - Update pitch is 3m by 3m
    Sarah to check marquee availability with 1st Southgate - Update tent not available - we need other options


  • We agreed that we would do a quiz whereby people need to identify the 7 Cs in the word art and writen them down in order to win a free session with the practitioner of their choice
    Kerry and Kerry-Ann confirmed the only change required for the word art is to replace Comforting with Cambridge
    The word art will be printed out a few times and placed around the tent - Sarah to do this
    Sarah will create the quiz forms
    Sarah to create a sign-up sheet for a mailing list
    Beth to create wooden signpost for the background of the 7Cs


  • We agreed that we would have the "buzzy wire thing" at the stall, plus operation and coloring for the kids.
    We will not have the duck grab because of the difficulty of getting water throughout the day
    Kerry and Sarah to provide Operation games
    Graham to provide buzzy wire thing
    Graham will provide Reiki session
    Kerry-Ann will do Indian head massage
    NB We will need to bring the black chair from the centre, plus Sarah has another one of the same that she will bring for these activities

Miscellaneous Actions Agreed

  • Test Grahams contact form on his website to ensure it is working correctly - Sarah


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